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Sites added to Dog Club in the last 21 days.

UK Affix/Kennels

Report this link shibachic Japanese Shiba Inu   Pug     - carmarthenshire

UK Breed Clubs

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Other information (Breed) sites

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Other Dog Links UK

Report this link Crealy Adventure Park & Resort (appears under Pet Holidays)

Other Dog Links from the Rest of the World

Report this link PetCareUp United States (appears under Pet Products)
Report this link The Pet God United States (appears under Dog Training)
Report this link Marvelous Products United States (appears under Pet Products)
Report this link Valyriajewelry United States (appears under Pet services)

Training Clubs

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Regional Pet Services

Report this link Trixies Pet Behaviour and Training East Sussex
Report this link Naomi Jenkin Art Cornwall
Report this link The Pet Retreat - Dog Grooming South Yorkshire

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