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Finding a Pup

Looking to take on a dog/pup

I can not give full advice on every breed, but I can give advice on where to look in general.

The best source for finding a breeder with pups is the kennel club. I have found out that you can now get a list of breeders with puppies for sale on line at the kennel club. Follow the link the kennel club and select the breed you are looking for.

If you are looking for a rescue then have a look at as I think they are the most comprehensive UK rescue site.

The next port of call would be the breed clubs listed on my site. These people are in contact with the breed every day and so will know where to find a breeder with a suitable dog. These people also make an excellent point of contact for the breed rescue, if there is one. They can also give breed specific advice.

You may wish to by pass this and go straight to a breeder, again listed on my site. If you do this make sure you are happy with the breeder that you deal with, may be speak to a couple of them.

The above is my advice to all who are looking for a dog. I am sure that if you have reached this stage you have researched the breed and are only looking for a point of contact for the breed. If not go back and do some research on the breed to ensure that it has the right characteristics for you. Try or to see if the breed is a good match for you. Have a look at advice at These are only guides but give food for thought.

The above is standard response to requests for details on dogs.