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Report this link AKITA ASSOC
Report this link JAPANESE AKITA CLUB OF GREAT BRITAIN (proposed)
The clubs below do not currently have a web site listed
Report this link AKITA CLUB OF WALES
Report this link THE JAPANESE AKITA-INU CLUB UK (proposed)
For more information on contacting these UK Breed club(s) see The UK Kennel Club

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Report this link Baromar Akita       - UK
Report this link Bluevine Akita       - North Wales
Report this link Darkman Akita       - West Midlands
Report this link Harivo Akita   Staffordshire Bull Terrier     - Derbyshire
Report this link Icetrax Akita   Alaskan Malamute   Siberian Husky   - Kent
Report this link Karijini Akita       - Manchester
Report this link Kirstadel Akita       - Wirral
Report this link Kumatomo Akita       - West Yorkshire
Report this link Kyoshi Akita       Japanese Akita Inu - Nottinghamshire
Report this link Meiho Akita       - West Midlands
Report this link Melodor Akita       - Strathclyde
Report this link Modelvill Akita       - N Ireland
Report this link Nosferatu Akita   Japanese Shiba Inu     - West Midlands
Report this link Redwitch Akita       - Doncaster
Report this link Rokushii Akita       - East Sussex
Report this link Seijitsu Akita   German Spitz (Klein and Mittel)   Japanese Akita Inu   - Oxfordshire
Report this link Tycon Akita       - South Wales
Report this link Whitewreath Akita       - UK
Report this link Kitado Dobermann   Akita     Japanese Akita Inu - Nottingham
Report this link Roseville St. Bernard   Akita     - Carmarthenshire

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Other Information

Report this link Akita Welfare Trust UK - we rehome and rescue both types and give good sound advice.
Report this link Akita Rescue & Welfare Trust UK - A registered charity rehoming Akitas in need across the UK. \r\nFor support and advice please email \r\nFacebook
Report this link Walters & Shackles - Guide to Dog Breeds, Description & History
Report this link Friends of Akitas Trust (UK) - FOA Trust (UK) is a National Akita rescue and re-homing organisation, formed to help Akitas in need. We work quickly and efficiently, securing safety for dogs that come to our attention. Our forum has Akita advice & chat from owners around the globe.

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Akita, The (Owner's Guide to a Happy,Healthy Pet) by Barbara Bouyet   Published by Howell Bk.Ho.,U.S. January, 1997
The Akita Today (Book of the Breed) by David Killilea, Jenny Killilea   Published by Ringpress Books, December 1998
Akita (Pet Love) by Barbara J. Andrews, Meg Purnell-Carpenter   Published by Interpet Publishing, January 2002

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