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Report this link BRIARD ASSOC
Report this link BRITISH BRIARD CLUB
For more information on contacting these UK Breed club(s) see The UK Kennel Club

My Dog Magazine


Report this link Fostebrie Briard       - UK
Report this link Gilcoru Briard   Beagle     - South Wales
Report this link Kastobri Briard       - Northamptonshire
Report this link Luellesha Briard       - Somerset
Report this link Rosaphi Briard   Tibetan Terrier     - Devon
Report this link Salieri Briard       - Spalding Lincolnshire
Report this link Starwell Briard       Catalan Sheepdogs ( Gos d'Atura ) - Lincolnshire

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Other Information

Report this link Walters & Shackles - Guide to Dog Breeds, Description & History

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Briard (Pet Love) by Desiree Scott   Published by Interpet Publishing, Jan 2003

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