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German Spitz (Klein and Mittel)

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Report this link GERMAN SPITZ CLUB
For more information on contacting these UK Breed club(s) see The UK Kennel Club

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Report this link Druitz German Spitz (Klein & Mittel)       - Vale of Glamorgan
Report this link Flamuna German Spitz (Klein and Mittel)       - County Durham
Report this link Livlandean German Spitz (Klein & Mittel)       - Kinross-shire
Report this link Longsdale German Spitz (Klein and Mittel)   Boxer   Lhasa Apso   - Middlesbrough
Report this link Musique German Spitz (Klein and Mittel)       - Hampshire
Report this link Orion German Spitz (Klein & Mittel)       - Leicestershire
Report this link Runfold German Spitz (Klein & Mittel)       - Bedfordshire
Report this link Stormavon German Spitz (Klein & Mittel)       - Warwickshire
Report this link Caoilta Canaan Dog   German Spitz (Klein & Mittel)     - Cambs
Report this link Nixtev German Shepherd Dog (Alsatian)   German Spitz (Klein and Mittel)     - County Durham
Report this link Seijitsu Akita   German Spitz (Klein and Mittel)   Japanese Akita Inu   - Oxfordshire
Report this link Stillmoor Border Collie   German Spitz (Klein & Mittel)   Swedish Vallhund   - Nottinghamshire
Report this link Terendak Lhasa Apso   German Spitz (Klein and Mittel)   Bulldog (English)   - Durham
Report this link Zandaplatz Pug   French Bulldog   German Spitz (Klein & Mittel)   - Lancashire

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Other Information

Report this link German Spitz World - The ultimate resource for all German Spitz enthusiasts with breed info, photos, pedigrees, show results and much more.

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