Hungarian Vizsla

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Addaci Hungarian Vizsla – South Wales
Castlefield Hungarian Vizsla Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla – South Derbyshire
Dallandor Hungarian Vizsla German Shorthaired Pointer Other Working Cocker – Herefordshire
Gamesika Hungarian Vizsla Spaniel (English Cocker) – Cornwall
Gunfield Hungarian Vizsla – Suttonbonington
Highforce Hungarian Vizsla – Hertfordshire
Ilexwood Hungarian Vizsla – Gwent UK
Redfurs Hungarian Vizsla Weimaraner – Angus. Scotland
Roughshoot Hungarian Vizsla – Lincolnshire
Siriusbell Hungarian Vizsla – Cambridgeshire
Vizellven Hungarian Vizsla – Nottinghamshire
Nevedith Whippet Hungarian Vizsla Basset Fauve De Bretagne –

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