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Japanese Chin

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Report this link JAPANESE CHIN CLUB
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Report this link Ellshimmer Japanese Chin   Cavalier King Charles Spaniel     - Durham
Report this link Javalcy Japanese Chin       - Merseyside
Report this link Jesandakai Japanese Chin   Chinese Crested Dog     - West Midlands
Report this link Pebblecombe Japanese Chin       - Devon
Report this link Threadgold Japanese Chin   Ibizan Hound   Saluki   - North Wales UK
Report this link Vanistica Japanese Chin   Belgian Shepherd Dog Groenendael     - Cornwall
Report this link Bubblebecca Pug   Japanese Chin     - Lancashire
Report this link GlimmerStone Chinese Crested Dog   Japanese Chin     - Cheshire
Report this link Granasil Cavalier King Charles Spaniel   Japanese Chin     - Yorkshire
Report this link Jardhu Shih Tzu   Japanese Chin     - Scotland
Report this link Toffs Chihuahua   Japanese Chin   Japanese Spitz   - Portaferry,Co Down
Report this link Aldoricka Cavalier King Charles Spaniel   King Charles Spaniel   Japanese Chin   - Keighley

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Other Information

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The Japanese Chin: Dog from the Land of the Rising Sun by Elisabeth Legl   Published by Alpine Publications Inc, August 2002
The Complete Japanese Chin (Book of the Breed) by Pamela Cross Stern, Tom Mather   Published by Ringpress Books, June 2002
Japanese Chin by Alexander   Published by TFH Publications, 1990
The Akita (Book of the Breed) by Mitchell   Published by Ringpress Books, September, 2000

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