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Report this link Albions Other       Eurasier - Essex
Report this link Alphacanis Other       Eurasier - Richmond
Report this link Caucasian Ovtcharka Other       caucasian ovtcharka -
Report this link Glenwater Other       Eurasier - East Midlands
Report this link Lomond Hills Other       Australian Labradoodle - Scotland
Report this link Oakfield Other       Plummer Terriers - UK
Report this link Darchen Tibetan Mastiff   Other     Eurasier - Hampshire
Report this link Rayvonley Neapolitan Mastiff   Other     Mastini -
Report this link SilmorAlbion Retriever (Golden)   Other     Eurasier - London
Report this link Warbonnet Bull Terrier (English)   Other     Miniature Bull Terrier - Lancashire
Report this link Dallandor Hungarian Vizsla   German Shorthaired Pointer   Other   Working Cocker - Herefordshire

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Other Information

Report this link American Hairless Terrier - website containing information on the American Hairless Terrier
Report this link British Timber Dog Society - Beautiful, exceptional wolf like looking dogs. All \r\nbreeding dogs are assessed by a degree qualified \r\nbehaviourist, for suitability and compatibility \r\nand are health tested.Both adults and puppies are \r\nraised and cared for, as family memb
Report this link The Plummer Terrier Club of Great Britain - This site is dedicated to the Terriers created by the late Brian Plummer, author of over 50 books and one of the greatest countryside writers the Uk has ever had. The site tells the story of the creation of these terriers,origianlly bred for ratting,
Report this link The Barbet Club of Great Britain - Site promoting the Barbet (French water dog) now being introduced into the UK.
Report this link Working Plummer Terrier Network - The Working Plummer Terrier Network site brings together a community of plummer terrier enthusiasts. The site is not affiliated to any breed society or club and does not get involved in plummer terrier politics.
Report this link The Plummer Terrier Registry - Our Register welcomes both pure and new blooded Plummer Terriers of legitimate traceable ancestry. We will register adult dogs previously registered with the PTA, PTCGB and the more recent EPTR as well as new litters of puppies. \r\n
Report this link Jack Russell Lover - This is the one-stop information centre for Jack Russell owners. All the best information on Jack Russell puppies, feeding, raising, training, rescue, health care and more.
Report this link Patterdale Terrier by Taylor Made - A guide to the Patterdale Terrier. View the \r\nPatterdale Terrier history, breed stats, \r\nnutritional needs and sales options for the \r\nPatterdale Terrier. We also sell One DropTM \r\nsolution to promote well being and kill infections \r\nkindly

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The House Lurcher (Hardcover) by Jackie Drakeford   Published by Swan Hill Press (31 Oct 2003)
The Patterdale Terrier (Paperback) by Sean Frain   Published by Swan Hill Press (24 Sep 2004)
Cockapoo (Kennel Club Books (US): Designer Dog) by Mary D. Foley   Published by Kennel Club Books Inc, US Sep 2006
Alsatian Shepalute's: A New Breed for a New Millennium by Lois Denny   Published by Lightning Source UK Ltd, Aug 2004

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