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Bearded Collie

This breed is sponsored by Karakara Bearded Collies Please visit them first


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Report this link Villacampa Kennels Argentina, Buenos Aires -
Report this link Kiaora Kennels Czech Republic, Teplice - Bearded collie and Skye terriers kennel in Czech republic
Report this link z Vilete Bohemia Kennels Czech Republic, South Bohemia - Little Beardies kennel in heart of Europe
Report this link Glen Albyn Kennels Czech Republic, Brandys nad Labem - Our aims are not only breeding beautiful typey Bearded Collies with a perfect body structure but we also emphasize producing healthy dogs with sound temperaments.
Report this link The Spirit of Spring Kennels Germany, Niedersachsen - We are living and laughing with our Beardies in a small town in the north of Germany.
Report this link Celtsdale Kennels Germany, - Our Beardies are family members and successful in sports, shows and breeding. Meet our Beardies at our homepage!
Report this link Wookiee Gang Kennels Hungary, Budapest - A small and young MEOE/FCI registered hobby kennel in Hungary with Bearded Collies for all venues: show, dogdancing and family companions.
Report this link Philabeg Kennels Italy, Cassano Magnago (VA) -
Report this link Dea-Dro Kennels Morocco, -
Report this link Balza Kennels Slovakia, Bratislava - Our beardies, pups, show results with photos and videos, many links.
Report this link Maeluma Kennels Spain, Madrid - Spanish breeder of Bearded collie
Report this link FancyLook Kennels Spain, Madrid -

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Other information

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Bearded Collie (Pet Love) by Bryony Harcourt-Brown   Published by Interpet Publishing, 2000
Bearded Collie (they are different) by Carol Gold   Published by TFH Publications
The Bearded Collie by Chris Walkowicz   Published by Alpine Publications Inc
Bearded Collie by Carol Gold   Published by TFH Publications, 2000
Pet Owner's Guide to the Bearded Collie by Brenda White   Published by Ringpress Books, 1998
Talking About Beardies by K. Suzanne Moorhouse   Published by K. Suzanne Moorhouse
Outwitting Dogs The Seven Ages of your Dog It's me or the Dog The Practical Dog Listener Before and After Getting your Puppy

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