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Border Collie

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Report this link Bonnie Blue Kennels Belgium, sint-niklaas -
Report this link Van 't Vlassenhout Kennels Belgium, Oost-Vlaanderen (Schellebelle) - breeder of border collies. We bred different colors for working and showing
Report this link of Maranns Home Kennels Belgium, Oost-Vlaanderen - Breeder from Border Collies ; working dogs .
Report this link Thats the one Kennels Belgium, Wellen - Belgian breeders of border collies based on the beagold bloodline. active in obedience and in show
Report this link Eyes of the World Kennels Belgium, Sint Truiden - Aiming for quality health & working ability.Top in red Border Collies
Report this link Cabanha da Conquista Kennels Brazil, Jacareí - São Paulo - Canil especializado em Border Collie.
Report this link Lord Manske Kennels Brazil, - Criação selecionada de Border COllie e Boxer - melhor cridor do Brasil da raça Border CollieFilhotes e adultos à venda
Report this link Rival Kennels Canada, Palmertson, Ontario - Proven Registered Border Collies that excell in performance sports events
Report this link Asset Kennels Canada, ontario - Ontario border collies, quality breeder of border collies puppies and home of the border control bird dogs. the best goose dogs ontario
Report this link Oberon Kennels Canada, Orangeville - Breeder of registered Border collies
Report this link Border Control Bird Dogs Kennels Canada, ontario - Border Control Bird DogsBorder Collies specially trained to haze geese. The best geese management dogs around.
Report this link Czech Black Kennels Czech Republic, Prague - Border Collie Kennel and dogfrisbee funs
Report this link Running Free Kennels Czech Republic, Planá nad Lužnicí - Agility, obedience, dogdancing, coursing, frisbee,...
Report this link Locolindo Kennels Czech Republic, Třebíč, Vysočina - We are small Border collies kennel. We planed puppies who will be beutifull, energy, communicative and friendly and mainly healthy. You look on our web.
Report this link Deabei Kennels Czech Republic, - Czech republic border collie breeder site - agility, dogfrisbee, IPO training
Report this link Foxy Fox Kennels Czech Republic, -
Report this link Absolute Amazing Kennels France, Riols, Languedoc-Roussillon - Small Border Collie and Jack Russell Terrier kennel in the South of France. We try to breed healthy and good working dogs. Hope you come bye at my site!
Report this link Sylvan Moonlight Kennels Hungary, Budapest - Border collies kennel
Report this link Flower of Old Hill Kennels Hungary, Székesfehérvár -
Report this link can't fight the Moonlight Kennels Netherlands, Oosterhout, Noord Brabant - We only use studdogs that are open and kind, with a stable character, who are tested for HD an all hereditary eye abnormality\'s such as CEAand PRA results free, also DNA CEA/CH and TNS tested res
Report this link Purple Mountains Kennels Netherlands, Hoofddorp - Border Collie kennel with a litter from time to time. Site with information on purchase, behavior and health.
Report this link Alderaan Kennels Poland, Poznan - Alderaan BC's- a small select kennel located in Poland.Champion bloodlines.Breeding for the show and to permanent loving homes.
Report this link Seta del Oro Kennels Slovenia, Kranj - Seta del Oro - gold and silk. Kennel, were brains and beauty are united.
Report this link Hechizo Tekoá Kennels Uruguay, Montevideo - Criadero de Border Collie, Asociados al KCU, linea de sangre europeas, importados de El Hechizo - Valencia - España
Report this link Manoir du Lac Kennels Uruguay, Montevideo - Introductores de la raza border collie de pedigree al Uruguay. Miembro/Member of The International Sheep Dog Society
Report this link Cabaña Kennels Uruguay, Canelones - Border Collie breeder in Uruguay

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Other information

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Your Border Collie's Life: Your Complete Guide to Raising Your Pet from Puppy to Companion by Kim D. R. Dearth, Joanne Howl (Editor)   Published by Prima Pet, 2000
Understanding the Border Collie by Carol Price   Published by Broadcast Books, 1999
The Border Collie by Gene Sheninger   Published by Howell Books
Border Collie by Stephen Sussam   Published by Interpet Publishing
The Ultimate Border Collie by Hornsby   Published by Herts: Ringpress
All About Your Border Collie by Julia Barnes   Published by Herts: Ringpress
Pet owners guide to the Border Collie by McLeavy, A   Published by Herts: Ringpress, 1996
The complete Border Collie by Swann, B   Published by Herts: Ringpress, 1995
Outwitting Dogs The Seven Ages of your Dog It's me or the Dog The Practical Dog Listener Before and After Getting your Puppy

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