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Collie Rough

This breed does not have a sponsoer, Click here to find out more about appearing here


Report this link Glasgowhill Club Canada, ontario, kincardine - We have rough collies puppies & champion adults occasionally available, for Show and companion. We also breed for normal eyes, with keeping a beautifuly sound body and mind, in all colors.
Report this link All Ireland Collie & Sheepdog Society Club Ireland, - Founded in 1926, the only Rough Collie club in Ireland that is affiliated to the Irish Kennel Club. More than 80 years serving rough collie enthusiasts.

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My Dog Magazine


Report this link Triblu Kennels Australia, Canberra - Triblu Collies was established in 1995 for showing and breeding of collie roughs. I breed and show collies of all colours. My collies have been awarded both Australian Champion and Grand Champion Titles with many Class in Group and In Show Awards.
Report this link Calstead Kennels Australia, Victoria - Successful Combination of English & Australian Bloodlines, Quality Line Breeding.
Report this link Cathkin Kennels Australia, Pheasants Nest, NSW - Breeders of more than 100 Australian Champions in all three colours,many of whom are Best In Show winners.
Report this link Brentland Kennels Australia, Melbourne Australia - History and pictures of Brentland Collies
Report this link Of Meadows Kennels Belgium, -
Report this link Scottlyme Kennels Belgium, Zutendaal - Collies since 1985, only sables and tricolours, combining beauty and brains, with international show success and all dogs training or having trained obdience and/or agility
Report this link Ruffneck Kennels Canada, Tamworth Ontario - Home of Multi Specialty, Group, Breed, Puppy Groups and Best Puppy In Show winning collies. Our breeding program is exclusively bred on the world Famous Tartanside/Fantasy family of collies.
Report this link Omega Kennels Canada, Moubt Albert, Ontario - Home of Multi Best In Show, Best In Specialty Show Rough Collies. Type, temperament, health and overall balance are of the greatest importance to us. Using the Breed Standard as our guide, we breed to maintain these qualities.
Report this link Alfenloch Kennels Canada, Ontario - Alfenloch Rough Collies, Ontario, Canada - Exceptional collie puppies from the Ch.Alfenloch Masterpiece family. Stud dogs, Alfenloch Immortal and Alfenloch Masterpiece's Psyche.
Report this link Ennismoor Kennels Canada, Durham Region, Toronto - Beautiful Rough Collies, sound in body mind and temperment. Elegance is our trademark, based on pedigrees by Southland, Tartanside, Alfenloch, Limerick, Overland, Omega.
Report this link Alfenloch Kennels Canada, Ontario - Alfenloch Collies, Ontario, Canada is the Ch.Alfenloch Masterpiece family home of Rough Collies with beautiful eyes and expressions.stud dogs, Alfenloch Immortal and Alfenloch Masterpiece's Psyche.
Report this link Dennisay's Kennels Croatia, -
Report this link Topperteam Kennels Denmark, - A small Kennel situated in Denmark. In the Kennel is Rough Collies and shelties as well.
Report this link Kangasvuokon Kennels Finland, Helsinki, Hankasalmi - Roughs & Smooths breeding with love since 1988. All colours. Informative website in English. Lots of pictures and results. Finnish Kennel Club´s highest award for the breeder in year 2002.
Report this link Moodyfield Kennels Finland, Espoo (Helsinki area) - Rough Collie breeding from American bloodlines. Small kennel in home setting. Ocasionally puppies. A member of The Finnish Kennel Club and The Finnish Collie Association.
Report this link Rhapsody Land (of) Kennels France, Pays de la Loire - of Rhapsody Land, Le Colley passionnément... Small kennel. Berger origin, Collie seduced by its beauty today. Merled, Tricolour or Sable/white, 3 colors for this exceptional dog.
Report this link Of Moon River Kennels France, Saint -Nazaire (where cruise liner Queen Mary 2 wa - Collie Breeder Specialist since 1980.Puppies from Champion -only GB lines- to permanent home.
Report this link Kingly Shine Kennels Germany, Aarbergen - Collie breeder since 1997. We are located near Frankfurt/Main.
Report this link Biscuitbox Kennels Germany, Agathenburg (west of Hamburg) - Small rough collie kennel breeding with american and european bloodlines.
Report this link vom Sachsenhof Kennels Germany, North of Berlin - I'm breeding american collies in sable white, blue merle and tricolor.
Report this link Sherborne Kennels Hungary, Zalaegerszeg - A little kennel in Hungary. I'm breeding tricolor and blue merle rough collie and sheltie. Here you can find more photo and info about my collies and shelties.
Report this link Lucky-Luke Kennels Hungary, Dunaharaszti - Collie, sheltie professional breeding. Junior European winner, many champions, puppies, show, pet, agility...
Report this link Rosschell Kennels Ireland, Rosslare,Co Wexford -
Report this link Kynan Kennels Ireland, Dublin -
Report this link Perla di Flume Kennels Italy, Florence - Allevamento di rough collies riconosciuto Enci FCI
Report this link Del Tindar Kennels Italy, Rome - We breed rough collie tricolour, blue merle and sable, hdA and cea FREE
Report this link Godlike Dolphin Kennels Latvia, Ventspils - Here you can find more info about my lovely collies and their puppies.You can see their pedegree,success at dog shows and latest pictures.
Report this link Actis Kennels Poland, Janów (near by Częstochowa) - We have long tradition and experience, since 1988. The best collie kennel in Poland. All about our dogs :many photos, movies, puppies for sale, pedigrees, dog shows results... etc.
Report this link Eldvidzh Kennels Russia, Pskov. reg. -
Report this link JackPine Kennels Sweden, Oskarshamn - Breeding for show, work and companionship.
Report this link Taliesen Kennels United States, Michigan - We are a boutique kennel located in South-East, Michigan. Our goal is to raise collies that are healthy with good temperaments that can compete in conformation, performance, and most importantly make loving companions.

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Other information

Report this link Collie Dog Other Information United States, South East - Dedicated to bringing you the best source of rough/smooth collie information online.

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Rough Collie Records by Iris Combe   Published by Kingdom Books, 1997
Rough Collies of Distinction by Pat Hutchinson & Iris Combe   Published by Iris Combe, Dareen Bridge & Pat Hutchinson
Pet Owner's Guide to the Rough Collie by Clark, Stella   Published by Ringpress, 2001
Rough and Smooth Collies by Clark, Stella   Published by Ringpress, 1993
Outwitting Dogs The Seven Ages of your Dog It's me or the Dog The Practical Dog Listener Before and After Getting your Puppy

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