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Bull Terrier (English)

This breed is sponsored by Dogs With Style Please visit them first


Report this link Club of English Bull Terrier's Fans Club Ukraine, Kiev - First Ukrainian English Bull Terrier home page (since 2000 year). More than 1500 photos, video, screensavers and Bull Terrier virtual post cards for free

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Report this link Coraje Kennels Argentina, Buenos Aires - Criadero de Bullterrier Standard y Bullterrier Miniatura - Más de 20 años criando la raza bullterrier
Report this link Denotany Kennels Australia, Jimboomba Queensland - Bull terriers breeders for over 30years Breeding for soundness and type... All fourlegged children hereditary tested for the five known hereditary diseases before breeding
Report this link Pick A Bull Kennels Austria, Straudorf - Small family run kennel in Austria. Our dogs are tested for hearing, heart, kidneys and patella luxation before they are bred from. Our dogs are beloved family members, we live for the dogs !
Report this link vom Heidentor Kennels Austria, Wildungsmauer - Englische Bullterrier vom Heidentor - Official Website
Report this link Betterbrand Kennels Denmark, - More than 300 pages of information about the breed and breed related topics such as stud dogs, books, clubs, shows etc.
Report this link Dixie's Kennels France, Lorraine - Miniature Bull Terriers from France
Report this link Balkan Bull Kennels Germany, -
Report this link Zempléni Fighter Kennels Hungary, Palhaza - Greetings from Hungary!
Report this link Ultimatebullies Kennels Malta, Sliema - A small family run kennel in the small island of Malta.More dogs and come
Report this link Off Oxion Kennels Netherlands, Utrecht - a small bullterrier kennel in the Netherlands
Report this link Gjunp Kennels Russia, - Powerful with beautiful heads. Good temperament.
Report this link Milky Way Kennels Ukraine, Kyiv, 03022, P.O.Box 47 - We breed show Bull Terriers since 1994. Our dogs have a lot of show titles: EURO Vice-JWINNER\'07, INTERNATIONAL Champions, Club Winners, BEST IN SHOW Winners, multi Best of Breed. Feel free & write u

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Other information

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The Bull Terrier in Sport And Show - History & Anecdote by Tony Read   Published by Read Books 10 Jan 2006
Bull Terriers (A Complete Pet Owner's Manual) (A Complete Pet Owner's Manual) by Carolyn Alexander   Published by Barron's Educational Series 1 Dec 2006
A New Owner's Guide to Bull Terriers by Betty Desmond   Published by TFH Publications, January 14, 1999
Guide to Owning a Bull Terrier by Muriel P. Lee   Published by TFH Publications, 1999
Bull Terrier by Bethany Gibson   Published by Interpet Publishing; February, 2000
Miniature Bull Terrier (Complete and Reliable Handbook) by B. J. Andrews   Published by TFH Publications, Inc.; November 1997
Pet Owner's Guide to the Bull Terrier by Peter Larkin   Published by Ringpress Books; February 1999
Bull Terriers. An owners companion by Salyn, Robin   Published by Wiltshire: Crowood, 1989
Outwitting Dogs The Seven Ages of your Dog It's me or the Dog The Practical Dog Listener Before and After Getting your Puppy

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