Retriever (Golden)

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The Golden Retriever Club of Qld Inc Club Australia, Queensland –
Golden Retriever Club of South Australia INC Club Australia, –
The Golden Retriever Club of NSW Club Australia, –
The Golden Retriever Club of Victoria Inc Club Australia, –
Österreich Retriever Club Club Austria, –
Golden Retriever Club Belgium Club Belgium, –
Golden Retriever Club of Canada Club Canada, –
Golden Retriever i Danmark Club Denmark, –
Golden Retriever Club of Estonia Club Estonia, –
Golden Ring Club Finland, –
Der Golden Retriever Club e.V. Club Germany, –
Deutscher Club Germany, – Largest German breeders’ club, serving 6 retriever races
Hungária Retriever Club Club Hungary, Pest megye –
Retrievers Club Italiano Club Italy, –
Golden Retriever Club of Japan Club Japan, –
Retriever Club Luxembourg Club Luxembourg, –
Golden Retriever Club Nederland Club Netherlands, –
Norsk Retriever Club Club Norway, –
Retrievers of Russia Club Russia, –
Slovensky Retriever Club Club Slovakia, –
Der Retriever Club Schweiz Club Switzerland, –
Golden Retriever Club of America Club United States, –

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Beaucroft Kennels Australia, Victoria –
Chaleur Kennels Australia, Perth –
Santamaria Kennels Australia, Melton South –
Goldmatt Kennels Australia, Sydney – At Goldmatt our aim is to produce Goldens that are capable of being first and foremost wonderful family pets, will do well in the Show Ring, at Obedience and Agility and all other Dog Sports and would
Clairedore Kennels Australia, Gidgegannup –
Nistar Kennels Australia, Uralla NSW – Small kennel breeding occasionally for show, obedience, agility or loving pets. Australian, English & American lines. All dogs tested for hereditary diseases before being bred from. Enquiries welcome.
Fernfall Kennels Australia, Narren Warren North. –
Goldshyne Kennels Australia, Hoppers Crossing –
Alnclair Kennels Australia, Old Bar – A small show and breeding kennel on the Mid North coast of NSW. Many wonderful wins at specialty shows inlcuding BISS, RUBISS and many class in show wins. Our Goldens are also full members of our family and much loved.
Leighvalle Kennels Australia, Inverleigh –
Buidhe Kennels Australia, –
Heliodor Kennels Australia, Geelong –
Tyjari Kennels Australia, Beveridge –
Waterwisp Kennels Australia, Tasmania – Caring breeding for temperament, type and soundness
Avonbreeze Kennels Australia, Kynton –
Kaparla Kennels Australia, Hobart (Tasmania) –
Everglo Kennels Australia, Melbourne –
Waikipark Kennels Australia, –
Omargold Kennels Australia, Hoppers Crossing –
Brackendel Kennels Australia, South Australia –
Glenregal Kennels Australia, Perth, Western Australia –
Perzgold Kennels Australia, Cudgee –
Giltedge Kennels Australia, Lindfield –
Loganbay Kennels Australia, Crib Point –
Goldjazz Kennels Australia, Adelaide –
Ganwales Kennels Austria, Nüziders (Vorarlberg) – The home of the GANWALES GOLDENS is located in Austria near the German and Swiss border. Breeding healthy, show-type Goldens with that typical lovely temperament
Rudgieri, Kennels Belgium, Gentbrugge –
Hoogmaatheide Kennels Belgium, Lommel –
Nowa Sansara Kennels Belgium, St. Gillis Waas –
Kinno Nami Kennels Belgium, Heule –
Artésendal Kennels Belgium, Oetingen –
Rose-Bay’s Kennels Belgium, Overmere –
Whistlestars Kennels Belgium, Grez-Doiceau (Brussels) –
Tweednous Kennels Belgium, Corroy-le-Grand –
Lochtergoldens Kennels Belgium, –
van ‘t Hof Pierlapont Kennels Belgium, Loppem –
Gouden Graal Kennels Belgium, Heist op den Berg –
Bridge Four Kennels Belgium, Beerse –
Karlshoeve Kennels Belgium, Diepenbeek –
Ter Rode Poort Kennels Belgium, Stalhille-Jabbeke –
Inedal Kennels Belgium, Oostrozebeke –
Panchrysia Kennels Belgium, Antwerp-Duffel – The home of the Panchrysia Goldens is located in Belgium near by Antwerp. Small home based kennel, breeding healthy, show-type Goldens with that typical lovely temperament
Wheatons Kennels Belgium, Oedelem –
Spencheal Kennels Belgium, Putte –
New Lane Corner Kennels Belgium, Bouwel –
Goldstream Kennels Belgium, Mespelare – Goldstream show and gundogs
Joan’s Hoeve Kennels Belgium, Sijsele –
Blackpool Kennels Canada, Shanty Bay, Ontario – Small kennel 1-2 litters a year. We breed breed from health cleared parents only. Guarantees and pet insurance offered.
Ramblin Kennels Canada, Southampton, Ontario – CKC Registered Golden Retriever Breeder with 1 – 2 home raised litters per year. All our dogs are family pets first and are all certifed clear of hip, eye and heart problems.
Tibsen Kennels Canada, North Bay, Ontario – We are a home-based kennel of Golden Retrievers. Our goal is to breed well socialized, healthy, beautiful English type Golden Retrievers. But most important…to provide you with a wonderful companion
Happy Company Kennels Croatia, –
TerraMagica Kennels Croatia, Zagreb –
Stella Aurum Kennels Denmark, Brovst –
Nordgold Kennels Denmark, Hasselager –
Cheerigold Kennels Denmark, Holstebro –
Sungold Kennels Denmark, Vekso –
BD-House Kennels Denmark, Bording –
Golden Ciba Kennels Denmark, Eskilstrup –
Golddream Kennels Denmark, Skaevinge –
Gembaek Kennels Denmark, StrandgÃ¥rd (Middelfart) –
Farmer Hill’s Kennels Denmark, Røjdrup (Hobro) –
Jollygold Kennels Denmark, RyomgÃ¥rd –
Falkirk’s Kennels Denmark, –
West Chamber Kennels Denmark, –
Timidan Kennels Denmark, Senderborg –
Golden Joy Kennels Denmark, Ringsted –
Hot-News Kennels Denmark, Hedehusene –
Golden Egevang Kennels Denmark, Herlufmangle –
Golden Djima-Lijynis Kennels Denmark, Menstrup (Naestved) –
Golden Dixie’s Kennels Denmark, Spjald –
Vesterlyng Kennels Denmark, Føllenslev –
Windwood Kennels Denmark, Skaerbaek –
Kildeshove Kennels Denmark, Frederica –
Charmaine’ Kennels Denmark, Sdr. Sejerslev –
Gerbera’s Kennels Denmark, –
Golden Maid Kennels Denmark, Pederstrup –
Golden Winthers Kennels Denmark, Slangerup –
Golden’s Hillside Kennels Denmark, –
Catithre Kennels Denmark, Skovlunde –
Fiddle-De-Dees Kennels Denmark, Greve –
Grejsdalen Kennels Denmark, 7130 Juelsminde – Goldens from a littel fam. Breed . Family and show dogs and of corse only the best quality. 0045 75854404
Tallygold Kennels Denmark, Ringsted –
Golden Nordic`s Kennels Denmark, Hobro –
Triple Jays Kennels Denmark, Otterup – This site tells a little about my dogs
Skylock Kennels Denmark, 6990 Ulfborg –
Breinholtgaard Kennels Denmark, –
Golden Countrysides Kennels Denmark, Aars –
Puschkin’s Kennels Denmark, –
Whipcord’s Kennels Denmark, Rødding –
Golden Music Kennels Denmark, Højer –
Giddygold Kennels Denmark, Aabenraa –
Shadowfax Kennels Denmark, Kibæk –
Golden Tunes Kennels Denmark, Jyllinge –
Pilliklubin Kennels Finland, Ylistaro –
Joystep’s Kennels Finland, Esbo –
Karvin Kennels Finland, Suinula and Tampere –
Beauchasseur Kennels France, Limousin – English style golden retrievers bred for sound temperament. Ideal pets and working dogs.Tenfield Border Racer (dog), Goldiemay Vision of Correze (bitch), Voxane is Queen Tweed Lenissei (bitch).
Rayleas Kennels France, –
Feelgood Lazaryzou Kennels France, Vigy – I dreamt of Golden\’s HeavenLove,Patience and Passion guided me to Eden\’s DoorI\’ FEEL GOOD
Escolore, Kennels France, Bongheat –
Pays Sauvage Kennels France, Domaize –
Retrieverhof Kennels Germany, Goss Leine –
Stanwell Kennels Germany, –
Cadillac Kennels Germany, Ansbach – We are a small kennel located in Ansbach nr Nuernberg. We aim to produce quality puppies with sound temperament for showing, working and family companions.
Ulifas Kennels Germany, Kreuztal –
Sherly’s Golden Kennels Germany, Lengenermoor –
Bodyguard’ Kennels Germany, Stolpchen –
Gladwords Kennels Germany, Niedersachsen – Our small kennel of quality Golden Retrievers breeds on health, efficiency and beauty for show and work. Please come and visit our homepage to learn more about us and our lovely dogs.
Zucht von Kennels Germany, Walsdorf – All our puppies grow up in a loving family environment, which includes two small children, another golden and a Rottweiler.
Back to the Roots Kennels Germany, Gelsenkirchen –
Montain Forest Kennels Germany, –
Uber den Wolken Kennels Germany, Lubberstedt –
Stellerburg Kennels Germany, Neuenkirchen –
Taygetos Land Kennels Greece, Kalamata – Golden Retrievers in Greece.Photos from Greek and British shows
Galans Kennels Hungary, Magyarország –
Wind Lovin Kennels Hungary, Budapest –
Pearl Of Golden-Hill Kennels Hungary, Pest megye – Golden Retriever KennelTrixie Aisa and Boó home
Sunnyfields Kennels Hungary, Eger – Our kennel is founded in 2005 and now a home of 5 champions. Puppies sometimes available, males at stud.
Edenfyl Kennels Hungary, –
Lively Golden Kennels Hungary, Mór –
Mariannehouse Kennels Hungary, POLGÁR – My breeder more CHAMPION Golden\’s home.Healthy,Show and Working(3×1).Please, you visit my website.Thank you.
Riverdance Kennels Ireland, Kerry, Glenbeigh –
Goldenheights Kennels Ireland, –
Gouden Spetters Kennels Netherlands, –
P’zzazz Kennels Netherlands, Goirle –
Issel Hoeve Kennels Netherlands, Dieren –
Golden Robos Kennels Netherlands, Vilsteren –
of the Hazy Moors Kennels Netherlands, Drenthe – Manny pictures of our favorit dog the goldenretriever. Surprice yourself and visit this site
Highland Fling Kennels Netherlands, Wezep –
Golden Twinkle Kennels Netherlands, Lelystad –
De Tender Bende Kennels Netherlands, Harfsen – We have lovely Golden Retrievers and Dachshounds miniature. Only once or twice a year we have a litter. The puppies wil be born in the house
Griene Woûd Kennels Netherlands, Nijelamer –
Jollyfun Kennels Netherlands, Dronten –
Heigraafserve Kennels Netherlands, Oldebroek –
Golden Future Kennels Netherlands, Almere –
van ‘t Saskerland Kennels Netherlands, Grootebroek Netherlands –
Amity Hills Kennels Netherlands, Witteveen (Drenthe) – For more information about our lovely gentle dogs have a look at our website
Aambeeld, Kennels Netherlands, Biezenmortel near Tilburg –
Beerse Hoeve Kennels Netherlands, –
Buitenpepers Kennels Netherlands, ‘s-Hertogenbosch –
Chapter Challenge Kennels Netherlands, Stampersgat –
Dari Andin Kennels Netherlands, Westerhaar – Vriezenveensewijk –
Kraay Heide Kennels Netherlands, –
I Call Your Name Kennels Netherlands, Wieringerwaard –
Fields of Gold Kennels Netherlands, Maren – Kessel –
Dreamweaver Kennels Netherlands, Bussum – working golden retrievers
Golden Angels Kennels Netherlands, Nieuwleusden (en Dalfsen) –
Golden Heaven Kennels Netherlands, –
Golden Fidelity Kennels Netherlands, ‘s-Gravendeel –
Fiveshill Kennels Netherlands, Hank – Here you find all info about our Goldens
Joyhearts Kennels Netherlands, Heesh –
Loenense Hoeve Kennels Netherlands, Kortenhoef –
Odijkershof Kennels Netherlands, Rijswijk –
van het Lükkensveld Kennels Netherlands, Holten –
Sanguinisch Kennels Netherlands, Stuifzand (bij Hoogeveen) –
Sirawesroy Kennels Netherlands, Heemskerk –
Sequins Kennels Netherlands, Mariënvelde –
Silence Dream Kennels Netherlands, Westerhaar –
Santomarén Kennels Netherlands, Amsterdam –
Remy Marin Kennels Netherlands, Bantega –
Morning Valley Kennels Netherlands, Nieuw Beerta –
My Love of Splendour Kennels Netherlands, Wenum-Wiesel –
Lihdanfurt Kennels Netherlands, Zieuwent –
Laburnum Kennels Netherlands, Peize –
Tushen’s Kennels Netherlands, Zaandam –
Gerry Hoeve Kennels Netherlands, Bergertheim –
Herwildy’s Kennels Netherlands, Zwolle –
Landlords Daughter Kennels Netherlands, Made –
Schoonheet Kennels Netherlands, Luttenberg –
Joyous Kennels Netherlands, –
Lucia’s Golden Stars Kennels Netherlands, Heerde –
Ivory Blaze Kennels Netherlands, Wildervank – Up to date information about our dogs. Shownews and news about current and upcoming litters. A lot of pictures.
Jeanton Kennels Netherlands, St. Michielsgestel –
Precious Delight Kennels Netherlands, –
White Gold Kennels Netherlands, den Dolder –
Dunehills Kennels Netherlands, Sluis –
Olde Klooster Kennels Netherlands, Oldebroek –
Arangold Kennels New Zealand, Christchurch –
Chribas Kennels Norway, Lorenskog (near OSLO) –
Angelusparks Kennels Portugal, Lisbon – Breeding for type and temperament always thinking on the best for the breed.
Parmen Auriu Kennels Romania, Bucharest – We provide English Creme Golden Retriever puppies from champion bloodlines, show quality, white color, blocky heads, excellent temperament with full breeding rights and full registration.
Ambergold Kennels Russia, Saint-Petersburg –
Swanavly Kennels Serbia and Montenegro, Novi Sad, Vojvodina –
Golden Duck Kennels Serbia and Montenegro, Serbia,Batajnica,Belgrade – Golden Retrievers English type
Jonfi Kennels Slovenia, Trzin –
Macanne Kennels South Africa, Johannesburg –
De Zelkova Kennels Spain, –
Aim High Kennels Sweden, Ljungby – Golden Retriever for Field Trail
HypagÃ¥rdens Kennels Sweden, Högsby – Swedish kennel of Golden Retrievers,Breeding happy, healthy Golden Retrievers in our home. All of our dogs are part of our family. Visit my homepage to see my Goldens !!
Guldskeden’s Kennels Sweden, – All our dogs is a part of our family and lives indoor with us.
Gabismatt Kennels Switzerland, Langenthal –
High Hopes Kennels Switzerland, Lucens –
Golden Love Kennels Switzerland, Diepoldsau –
Romida’s Kennels Switzerland, Davos Platz –
Golden Fall Kennels Switzerland, Eggiwil –
Windwhirl Kennels Switzerland, Rickenbach-Attikon –
Spirit Kennels United States, Springboro, Ohio – Located in Springboro, Ohio, USA, Spirit Golden Retrievers is dedicated to the raising and breeding of Golden Retrievers with direct English bloodlines
Logan Hill Farm Kennels United States, Farmdale, Ohio – Our English Golden Retrievers are bred for a calmness and intelligence. All puppies are hand raised and socialized from the beginning of their lives. We raise the perfect family pet for your family.
Shambrio Kennels United States, Caledonia, WI – Breeder of over 35 champions to date, including Irish Setters, English Cocker Spaniels & Golden Retrievers. All of our animals are raised with our family so temperament is of the utmost importance.
Legend Lake Kennels United States, Michigan, – Breeding quality golden retrievers for the show ring who are also competitive in obedience, field, agility and freestyle events. Visitors are always welcomed so stop by for a golden chat.
Halloween Kennels Uruguay, Canelones – We breed Golden Retriever and Keeshond
River Street Kennels Yugoslavia, Stara Pazova –
Zlatno Runo Kennels Yugoslavia, VrÅ¡ac –

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Other information

Conarhu Other Information Australia, – Conarhu family resides in beautiful Perth Western Australia and consists of Butler, Manta, Spirit, and Prim.
Golden retrievery Other Information Poland, Karpacz –
Golden Retriever Other Information Spain, – Web sobre la raza golden retriever, sus característicias, fotografías, vídeos, noticias y mucho más sobre los perros golden
K9data Other Information United States, – open database for Golden Retriever pedigrees

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