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Report this link The Passionate Pilgrim Kennels France, France - Le Greyhound.. une passion avant tout! Nos chiens (Daphné Elfe de la Forêt, Bob Maurane à la Cour du Roi Boulou, Tatanka Vitka Fairy Lady), photos...

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Report this link Great Greyhound Other Information Canada, Vancouver British Columbia - This site has been created for the love and appreciation of Greyhound dogs everywhere. Our mission is to assist the Greyhound dog owner specifically to find the dog care information that is partic
Report this link Racing Home Greyhound Adoption Other Information United States, Phoenix, AZ 85080-3102 - This site is dedicated to the adoption of retired racing greyhounds. We are a non-profit organization which contacts racetracks, and obtains the greyhounds when they are too old to race.

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The Ultimate Greyhound by Mark Sullivan (Editor)   Published by Ringpress Books, 1999
Pet Owner's Guide to the Greyhound by Ann Finch   Published by Ringpress Books, 1997
Adopting the Racing Greyhound by Cynthia Branigan   Published by Howell Books, June 1998
Greyhounds The Sporting breed by Lennox, Alan   Published by Sportsman Press, 1987
The complete book of Greyhounds by Barnes, Julia (ed)   Published by Ringpress, 1994
Outwitting Dogs The Seven Ages of your Dog It's me or the Dog The Practical Dog Listener Before and After Getting your Puppy

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