Lhasa Apso

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Amesen Kennels Australia, sydney surburbs – Breeders and exhibitors of lhasa Apsos
Dolma Mani Kennels Belgium, Houthulst West-Vlaanderen – Wij zijn een kleine topkennel die streven naar een hoge standaard kwaliteit voor het behoud van het type LhasaOnze honden leven in huiselijke kring.Wij hechten veel belang aan een goed karakter en c
Cuccioli Kennels Brazil, Sao Paolo – Lhasa apso and shetland sheepdog breeder in Brazil.
Kellyhoff’s Kennels Finland, Helsinki – Kellyhoff’s Lhasa apso & Shiba Inu
de Gelukpa Kennels France, –
La vallee aux mille fleurs Kennels France, provence alpes cote d\’azur – la vallee aux mille fleurs (the thousans flowers valley) Passion of one life, pictures, champions, shows, come with us on lhasa apso world !!
Du Chemin des Trois Joyaux Kennels France, – Petit élevage familial de lhassa apso en France, Provence Cote d’Azur. Origine et histoire du lhassa apso. Des conseils pour le toilettage. Nombreuses photos. Connaître et apprécier le petit pollux un chien hors du commun. Le lhassa-apso une
Le Dakini Lhassa Kennels Germany, Hungen –
El Tamerlan Kennels Hungary, Budapest –
Olimpo Citadele Kennels Lithuania, Vilnius –
Kyechu Kennels Netherlands, Netherlands – Only straight Hamilton and Tibetan Lhasa Apsos, also author of The Dutch Lhasa Apso Page.
Close To Perfection Kennels Netherlands, –
EL Minja’s Kennels Netherlands, walsoorden –
Magia Orientu Kennels Poland, Poznan – Small home lhasa apso breeding.
Old Tomark Kennels Russia, Moscow – Breeding the Lhasa apsos in Russia
Little Lhasa Kennels Russia, Moscow – Kennel Little Lhasa Lhasa apso Dogs & Puppis. Tibetan Lhasa Apso in Russia.
Agata Lux Kennels Slovakia, Trnava – lhasa apso, shih-tzu, yoksire terier,
Basterberri Kennels Spain, The Basque Country – Lhasa apso breeders since 1980 with more than 110 championship titles got to date in four continents, lot of pictures in English, Basque & Spanish
Nuseng Sinkye Kennels United States, colorado – Lhasa Apso breeder Nuseng Sinkye champions
Odie Lhasas Kennels United States, – Home of 2003 #1 male and female top producing lhasa apso in the United States
Jaron’s Kennels United States, Texas – Breeder of AKC, UKC and International Champions Since 1990. Register of Merit Breeder – American Lhasa Apso Club,2006;Breeder of Merit – American Kennel Club, 2011;Member – Greater Collin Kennel Club, 2011;Member – Dogs New South

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The Dutch Lhasa Apso Page Other Information Netherlands, Kollumerzwaag – Full Hamilton and Tibetan Lhasa Apsos

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