Maremma Sheepdog

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Dell’Antico Tratturo Kennels Italy, Avezzano , Abruzzo – Maremma Sheepdogs recognized by FCI- ENCI (Italian Kenenel Club )- Selection of Working/Show dogs since 1990
Allevamento del Montelarco Kennels Italy, Rignano Flaminio (Roma) – Amateur breederes for Maremma Sheepdogs recognized by FCI. Our dogs; selected for their beauty and their character so independent and proud, lives close to our family in order to get balanced and social dogs and at the same time fantastic watch dogs
Parcodaini Kennels Netherlands, – Breeder of Maremma Sheepdog in Holland, with breed desciption, faq’s, rescue dogs and health issues.
Cosmos Kennels Vanuatu, FORT LAUDERDALE , FLORIDA –

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