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Poodle (Toy)

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Report this link Elluje Kennels Australia, Sydney - Breeders of White & Silver Toys
Report this link Chapford Kennels Australia, Sydney - Breeders of white, silver & blue Toys with 30 years experience
Report this link Gwynson Kennels Australia, Adelaide,South Australia - We are a small kennel of white toy poodles from South Australia
Report this link Westpriors Kennels Denmark, Ribe - Black and white toy, dwarf and miniature poodles in Denmark
Report this link Aconite Kennels Denmark, - Apricot healthy toys for show and company
Report this link Lykkehuset Kennels Denmark, Hovedgaard - Breeder in Toy dwarf poodles in black,brown.for over 40 year.
Report this link Executive Kennels Finland, Joensuu -
Report this link Magicstar Kennels France, Coulommiers - Top quality top poodle kennel in France.Many Champions over the world. Show and pet poodles available.
Report this link Ziethnereck Kennels Germany, -
Report this link of loveley Children Kennels Germany, Munich - Toy & dwarfpoodle in apricot, brown and black
Report this link Silver Joker Kennels Hungary, Budapest - Breeding silver & white toy poodles and silver dwarf poodles. Budapest, Hungary. We have puppies. We want our puppies to be placed in loving and caring homes.
Report this link Pinqerton Kennels Netherlands, Den Helder, Holland - Black, white, brown and party toy-poodles with excellent health, beauty and behaviour, bred from the best bloodlines. All parent-animals are tested on PRA and Patella Luxatie.
Report this link Superplush Kennels Switzerland, Switzerland - Brown/black toy/dwarf poodles.Breeding only from health and DNA-tested stock.
Report this link Kandyland Kennels United States, Longview, WA. - Breeders of AKC show and companionship Toy and Standard Poodles. Located in SW Washington.
Report this link Happy Tail Kennels United States, Millerstown, PA - We are a quality poodle breeder located in Millerstown, PA. We specialize in raising puppies with exceptional temperament, conformation, and color.

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Poodle by Morgan   Published by Doral Publishing, 2002
How to Train Your Poodle by Liz Palika   Published by TFH Publications, 2000
Poodle by Bruce Fogle   Published by Dorling Kindersley, 1999
New Complete Poodle Clipping and Grooming Book, The by Shirlee Kalstone   Published by Howell Bk, 2000
Essential Poodle (Essential Guide S.) by Ian Dunbar   Published by Howell Bk.Ho.,U.S. April, 1999
Poodle by S. Meyer Clark   Published by Interpet Publishing; May, 2000
Outwitting Dogs The Seven Ages of your Dog It's me or the Dog The Practical Dog Listener Before and After Getting your Puppy

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