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Tibetan Terrier

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Report this link Tiara-Su Kennels Belgium, Antwerp - We breed the tibetan terriers 47 years.
Report this link Du Comble Kennels Belgium, Oost - Vlaanderen -
Report this link La Vallée Céleste Kennels Belgium, Saint-Georges, near Liège and Namur - The Tibetan's Terrier is our passion and all our life. They all live in our home and come from differents countries. We breed with love. Our door is always opened to those who want to visit us.
Report this link D'Gaba Skyel Ba Kennels Belgium, Bilzen - Information and pictures about this lovely breed
Report this link Legs-Smon Kennels Czech Republic, Litvínov - Little kennel of Tibetan Terriers. We are TTs enthusiast. In our website you can find more about our dogs and many pictures. Welcome!
Report this link Tibicinan Kennels Finland, Kajaani -
Report this link Sun Kosi Kennels France, Volvic - Family breeding. TT since 1982. Author of the first french book on the breed in 1994
Report this link Liebhaberzucht Kennels Germany, -
Report this link Lilasong Kennels Ireland, Limerick - We are a small show kennel in the south of ireland ,dedicated to this wonderful breed from the roof of the world \'Tibet\'
Report this link Siddhartha Kennels Ireland, -
Report this link Tripitaka Kennels Ireland, Dublin -
Report this link Christate Kennels Ireland, Co Carlow - Tibetan Terriers in Ireland.A small kennels devoted to this wonderful breed.
Report this link Sumanshu Kennels Netherlands, Echt - We invite you to visite our website, and meet us and our dogs online.
Report this link Ben Mazar-I-Sharif Kennels Netherlands, Eindhoven - Ben Mazar-I-Sharif is a small kennel of Tibetan Terriers in the Netherlands
Report this link Rogell Kennels Norway, Trondheim - We have breeding Tibetan Terrier in Norway since 1985. It`s a small homebreeding and our dogs are showdogs.
Report this link Khyi-Mi Kennels Slovakia, Bratislava - All about our TT-girl, many pictures, stories, every week a new story in the mini-serial.
Report this link Toe-Khaley Kennels Switzerland, Ticino -
Report this link Seralung's Kennels Switzerland, Suberg-Kosthofen near BERN - Information and pictures about my lovely dogs and bitches, 1 or 2 times a year I have puppies. I am very proud of my dog Chen-po, he is very succesfull on dogshows.

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Other information

Report this link Tibetan Terrier Portal Other Information Hungary, - All about the Tibetan Terrier. Breeders, stud dogs, puppies, articles, show results with many photos..

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Illustrated Standard of the Tibetan Terrier by Mike Tempest, et al   Published by Tibetan Terrier Association, 1995
Grooming the Tibetan Terrier: A Guide for Novice Owners by Lesley Cooper, Phil Wilson (Illustrator)   Published by Lesley Cooper, 1999
Tibetan Terrier by Juliette Cunliffe   Published by Interpet Publishing, 2001
Outwitting Dogs The Seven Ages of your Dog It's me or the Dog The Practical Dog Listener Before and After Getting your Puppy

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