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Pepsi, Patterdale, DOB 05.07 – Godstone, Surrey
« on: August 16, 2013, 08:31:17 AM »
Pepsi, Patterdale, DOB 05.07 – Godstone, Surrey

Homing Requirements: Pepsi needs a terrier family who are attentive and devoted to his terrier needs; retention on an extender lead and support in meeting dogs outside as he pops if unsure as a play overture but needs understanding. Terrier-proof garden with 6 feet panel fencing and exit management. Pepsi is a 'people dog' highly affectionate and sooo sweet and could live with dog savvy children. Ideal as an only dog in a low dog density area. Easy in his own company when left.

Video: Pepsi in his foster pack

His Story: Pepsi lost his original home as his family moved from a very rural location to a town. Pepsi gets too excited around other dogs, sheep, cats and small furries. He was fostered with other dogs but then homed as an only dog but got too excited in a high dog density area. Pepsi is neutered, vax'd and chipped. Currently in boarding kennels near Godstone, Surrey.

Advert: Pepsi has plenty of Fizz when out and about, but is as quiet as a lamb at home. Pepsi has chase instinct around livestock, cats etc., but is relatively civil with joggers and cyclists. Managed easily on an extender lead with a loose muzzle. Oh so enthusiastic in meeting dogs - he dances! Pepsi travels paws on the dash board but secured in transit. Pepsi can be left without a squeak; he is comfortable in his own company.

Pepsi is a petite sweet Patterdale about 15" to the shoulder with a slight whippet feel. Now 6 years old.  Bright eyes like shiny buttons and will offer his family entertainment, joy and heaps of love. A cherished terrier in our rescue who had great fun in his foster pack but it has been difficult to integrate him with another live in dog since. Pepsi will be the best dog you ever owned!

Please visit Pepsi’s thread on our forum:  to find out if still available and for fuller details.

Please note this dog is currently in boarding kennels and is also available for foster until a permanent home is found.

If you are interested in re-homing please complete our homing questionnaire: so we can ensure our dogs are matched and will suit your circumstances/lifestyle.

For daily updates please visit our forum and you will find listed the full range of dogs that are available for homing -

***PLEASE NOTE: This ad has been posted by Rescue Remedies Dog Rescue. We are a registered charity (No. 1139407) and our work involves finding unwanted dogs their life long homes. We currently have approx. 100+ dogs under our wing. We usually ask for a minimum donation of £150 at the time of adoption, for each dog, to help us continue helping homeless dogs***.