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Bonzo, Crossbreed, DOB 01.11 - Hayling Island, Hampshire
« on: August 16, 2013, 09:18:44 AM »
Bonzo, Crossbreed, DOB 01.11 - Hayling Island, Hampshire

Homing Requirements: Bonzo needs an experienced settled family. Bonzo lives well with other dogs. He needs a secure garden. Bonzo loves children but can get excited and then mouthy if his energy goes unchecked. Would do well with visiting young children but kept under his control by a supervising adult. Bonzo is fab!

Video: Good Boy Treat

His Story: Bonzo was found running scared on a major A road. His finder took him in with her bitch and put notices up. Her dog decided she didn't want to share 'mum' so she took him into the local vets. Bonzo was kept under Battersea's gaze for 7 days and the vet nurse took him home in the evenings. Bonzo was then in kennels for 18 months and effectively grew up in kennels but since May has been in foster within a multi dog household and proved himself in every way. Bonzo is neutered, vax'd and chipped. Bonzo is in foster in Hayling Island, Hampshire.

Advert: Bonzo is just bringing his skills together leaving his impoverished background behind. Bonzo trusts strangers and enjoy his walks. He is housetrained and behaves in the house but of course is into play and needs a garden to let his 'fur' down. Quite mouthy with people when playing and needs reinforcement to commands - he knows 'sit' 'give Paw' ‘Leave’ and ‘Off’. Bonzo plays with dogs and settles. Keen on his walks and is improving since settling in foster. Travels with enthusiasm!

Bonzo is a beautiful 2 year old Collie type and has a thick coat in pastel colours with distinctive markings. He meets with his heart a blasé. He has keen intelligence, coupled with receptiveness to earning food treats and also 'speaks' Collie. Bonzo loves attention/fuss. Bonzo has become a confident all round dog and just needs reassurance and continued confidence behind him.

Please visit Bonzo’s thread on our forum: to find out if he is still available and for fuller details.

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