Author Topic: Justin, English Bull Xbreed, DOB 01.12 - Grange Park, Hampshire  (Read 1447 times)


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Justin, English Bull Xbreed, DOB 01.12 - Grange Park, Hampshire
« on: October 01, 2013, 08:17:49 PM »
Justin, English Bull Xbreed, DOB 01.12 - Grange Park, Hampshire

Homing Requirements: Justin needs a stable family around him who appreciate his emotional nature and enthusiasm for life. He can get excited and needs his energy kept within his range and employed during his walks. Justin could live as an only dog or with another. Justin could live with non-skittish cats but not small furries.

Video: Don't think much of this ball

Video: Justin's recall

His Story: Justin was found stray and unclaimed. Justin spent 9 months in kennels and has been homed since May but his family find him a little too boisterous but are supporting him in foster until his home is found. He is neutered, chipped and vax'd. Fostered in Grange Park, Hampshire.

Advert: Justin is a very happy boy. He equally loves people, children and dogs. His enthusiasm is contagious and wonderful to behold.  He is an off lead dog with good recall who is still getting used to being introduced to life. Obviously needs to be on lead around streets as his curiosity can get the better of him.

Justin is an English Bull crossbreed. He has intelligence and a kind, kind heart. 18 months old with the bulk of this spent in kennels. Justin needs stability. The goodness of his heart is very evident. Justin could settle with a first time dog owner home providing they have an active life style for him and will pursue basic training with him to learn management and control to support his settlement.

Please visit Justinís thread on our forum: to find out if he is still available and for fuller details.

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***PLEASE NOTE: This ad has been posted by Rescue Remedies Dog Rescue. We are a registered charity (No. 1139407) and our work involves finding unwanted dogs their life long homes. We currently have approx. 100+ dogs under our wing. We usually ask for a minimum donation of £175 at the time of adoption, for each dog, to help us continue helping homeless dogs***.