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hehe !!!

yeah – the earlier in the sequence you chain from the better cue reliability you will have (from my experience)

e.g. i collect my leads from hall, go into lounge sit down and wait for automatic ‘sit’ cue.  i dont allow them any movement in this cue all i allow is bonnie to whine a little because she does get excited and i cant seem to stop that.

if they sit still for the whole of lead putting on then we move on to next step, if not we back to square 1 back as much as i feel is nessesary and we start again.  once we have leads on i stand up again NO moving allowed and get them in heel-close and say slowly walk on and make them wait through hall door and again through front door and again while i lock door.  then i settle them both next to me and say heel-close walk on and we go 🙂

the next thing i usually say is bonnie heel-close as her little nose stretches and stretches give her an inch and she’d take u for walks even after 15mths.  if i am walking bonnie alone she’s better – muppet boy distracts her as he is a bit more sensitive to my voice and will lag behind if my cues are really firm and i end up saying bonnie heel close will walk on !!!!  tooo confusing !!!!!

then add in the buggy and wills takes cue from my leg or bonnie depending on how good my mgt is and bonnie takes her cue from me if i test it but buggy if i dont !!!

Claire x

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