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Sue if you dont do the trial thing what will you do – is there anything your vet will give Dexter?

Glad all his tests etc came back good thats great news  :-*
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Glad his blood test results were good Sue  :-*

🙂 🙂

Nothing Suz, not until he gets the symptoms, could be this year could be a couple of years, this is what the trial is for, basically theres no cure :(, they can just prolong the symptom free stages, I am going ahead with the pills, despite what that vet said, If there are side affects then they stop, simple as that, I cant help Dex, but I can help all his pups, and their pups and probably Kodi too, though I have to say of all the dobes I know that have died of this disease they have all been boys!.

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