Re: how to deal with seperation anxiety


Hiya, I have been on here a long time ago, but never posted, so kinda a newbie!

I have a 11 month old British Inuit and we have put up with his SA for 9 months.  We thought we’d cracked it with a DAP diffuser and flower essences, but it has returned with a vengence.

I have tried absolutely everything, spoken to 3 behaviourists and nothing is working.  I ignore him for 15 mins before I leave and 15-30 mins when I get home (however long it takes for him to calm down)

He is desensitised to most of my leaving cues, but there is only so many times you can tell a 2 and 3 year old to put their shoes and coats on repeatadly without going anywhere 😀

He starts to yelp, whine, yawn and quiver when I leave.  Basically gets his knickers in a real twist, his greetings are over the top and not normal greetings.

This is what I came home today, I cried my eyes out, I cant take it anymore!

[img width=351 height=468][/img]

It is only focussed on the door I leave from, no-where else in the kitchen.  This is stairgate number 3 and set of wood round the doorframes number 2.  The first stairgate was a metal one and he took several baby teeth out.  He also scratched and digs at the wood until his claws bleed occassionally.  There is usually a dustpan full of splintered wood when I get home.

Any advice please???????  The vets have suggested he may need a brain scan to determine if he has an actual health/brain issue.

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