Re: how to deal with seperation anxiety


Right, not a very good vid!  Forgot to charge battery so only got 5 mins, but any longer and you would probably get bored!

Couple of things, I dont usually leave it on that radio channel, usually more of a talky one. Hubby should not of told him to go lay down as that was giving him attention, and he’s not usually the one leaving him, I am, oh, and the camera does add 10 pounds! My arse isnt really that fat!

When we got home from this, he had only been left and hour, after it stopped filming, he had dragged the chair across the room, ripped the wood off the wall and ripped out one of the stairgate poles.

You can see Amber tries to stop him having access to the door but to no avail. She was also a little moody!

Sorry for the bad resolution, it was to save space.

Oh, and I forgot to turn the bin around!  He had been ignored for about 15 mins prior to us leaving.

[img width=468 height=382][/img]

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