Re: how to deal with seperation anxiety


This is the story up until we thought he was over it…

Rosi is sending me some more essences to try so I am going to give that a go.

Describing the first few weeks in a little bit more detail (i.e. our behaviour).  TBH, I was trying so hard not to vomit climbing under a table to clean poo off crate bars with babywipes, I wasnt really paying Dante much attention after I had bathed him down outside (he looked like he rolled in it).  It used to take me a god hour to completely clean up after him.  I’d say we perservered with the crate/cage for at least a month if not longer before we finally gave up.  As in my story, we fed him in it, praise him if he ever went there on his own accord (the home he came from – he was crated with his brother so was not foreign to crates, just foreign to one on his own), we tried to make it a really nice place for him, but he decided it was his toilet (even though I used to go outside with him before I left and made sure he went outside and gave him lots of praise.

I think the only times he has been told off for going in the house is when he pee’d in the middle of our bed, and when he poo’d in my daughter’s room and covered it up with a rug, and I didnt know until the next morning and my daughter had slept in there all night so I was no a happy bunny – she was only 18 months – both of these times was way after we gave up with the crates.

As in body language, I was usually in tears cleaning the cage, I had two children demanding my attention in the next room and I my PND had come back – I was signed off from work for 4 months shortly after we got Dante – you may be thinking not a good time to get a dog, unfortunately I feel that is what tipped me.  So I blame myself, I wasnt in a positive frame of mind for a few months until I was better, but on the plus side I didnt go out much, so didnt have to leave him a lot.

Im trying to be as honest as possible as I know without giving you a full picture you’re not going to know the true story.

He is fed on Autarky, twice a day watered down as he tends not to eat it as fast as when it is dry.  Its the only food we have found (other than RAW but that got expensive for us in our situation) that doesnt give him horrendous wind or the runs.

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