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so when you first brought him home you enclosed him? in an area? and he then got out of that and was rewarded and then he had company all night then you isolated him in a crate after he had learnt there was other options and the response was anxiety yes?

he has been taught to be anxious and it is now out of his control – that with lack of training and poor socialisation means you have one very frustrated under stimulated insecure pup


Hiya, I take on all you said.  The breeder said the first night was the most important night, and it failed miserably.  She suggested the crating and the enclosed area was the best I could do close enough to a crate.

When you mean poor socialisation do you mean with other dogs?  We have always made a big effort socialising him from the second day we had him, introduced him with all family owned dogs, i.e. my SIL, MIL’s, Mums, neighbours dogs and when we were out we always made sure he met other dogs (as long as it was okay with other owners.  Sorry if this is the wrong end of the stick, its just what I always think of by socialisation.

We have taught him the basics, Im not sure where I went wrong with the training as we played in the garden all the time and did basic training/tricks with him.

The clicker training is something I have literally only just started last week, at the moment we are only on ‘attention’ and it was amazing to see how quick he caught onto it.  I try to walk/jog with him as much as I can but was leaving the ‘working’ stuff until he was old enough I could take him out for longer.

I know what works for one dog doesnt always work for another.  I dont know anyone personally that has ever crate trained for example, all family/friends have never had these sorts of problems.

OH still think its just normal puppy behaviour and he will grow out of it, I dont think it is.  This isnt normal as far as Im concerned…
I came home earlier and he has destroyed the earlier mentioned stairgate, it was hanging off the hinges.

Hiya Val, yes the boy with the SA, Dante, is a British Inuit.  My other one is Amber, a kinda rescue Mally (who is fine being left).

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