Re: how to deal with seperation anxiety


Hiya, thank you for your replies.  I hope that others can learn from our mistakes.  I have been watching OH the last few days and I have noticed when he does training with him, he never verbally praises him, (he treats him).  I pointed this out to him and said, you ask him to do stuff, but dont tell him he’s a good boy afterwards, so now Im reminding him ‘he did what you asked so tell him he’s a good boy’.  I tried to read up on Inuits, but there isnt too much info out there about BI as they are still relatively new, so I read up on Mals and Huskys as that is what he is manily made up of.  We picked up on the early socialisation which we tried our best with etc.  I know your not having a go, its just sad to think despite our best efforts we still got it so wrong.

Ive put to OH (who actually had a go at me the other day when I tried to show him this as he says Im completely obsessing about it and its all I ever talk about) that from now on, not telling off, the best punishment if he feels he has to do it i.e. he’s come home to this

[img width=351 height=468][/img]

Is just to ignore Dante and not say anything.  I only want to give him positive attention – no negative at all.

Ive looked at your feeding threads and they are brilliant.  I preferred the raw diet, and I even made some of the garlic and herd treats that night, which they love.  Im definately going to look into changing their diet, its also nice to see them actually enjoy their food as well.  I wouldnt want to just eat cereal for the rest of my life so I cant expect them to either.

Does the St John Wort have to be for dogs or can I get it from say Holland and Barrett?

I am doing mental excersises for him, such as plant pot game etc, which he is really good at as he is so food orientated.

Its going to be a long hard road, but he did get better once so I know he can do it again.  Im not going to give up on him and just pass the problem on. 🙂

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