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incidently – what was her email to you – was it long and drawn out an bemoaning her dumped by hubby got to raise kids  😉
Bad back etc.  Not too long and drawn out on that.

It was mostly how hard she has been treated on the board and a copy of an e-mail that is from ‘Sue’ giving her support, even after reading our thread.  Inclined to think Sue’s letter is not genuine.

I did point out considering she starts her letter that she is ill and can not write a long e-mail pointing out what is specifically wrong with the thread, she has managed to write a fairly long e-mail and breeding a large number of pups in such a state.  I am able bodied and fit(ish), but I am saying ‘never again’.

Away on this course for a week has left the wife with 7 week old pups, I do feel sorry for her.

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