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Lord with that schedule think you need diamonds and flowers.
Think angeleyes is a bit of a nut nothing much to worry about  ;D think she’s gone off in a huff

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Have just spoke to the other half, and I am in trouble for being away.  Bottle of Champagne is required to get back in the house on Friday, may be flowers too!  (wondeing if she will get time to log in and see this!)

6am start with a 10:30 pm finish, with work in between.  I think even the adult dogs are having to wait to be fed.

A quiet house sounds very good at the moment.

I did see some long and cryptic posts from angeleyes, was not sure what she was on about at times as it refered to PMs.  I did check her IP, but could not see who she could be if she was a fake poster.   I will leave you guys to it as you have more of an idea as to who she is.

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