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Hi I took Misty (my rescue) to Tony for a one to one when I first got as she was scared of everything,even her own shadow, he spent time with her and rather than charging me a fortune for more one to ones he advised me to take her away and socialise her as much as poss. 

When she had gained more confidence we joined the  basic obedience  class as muh for the socialisation with other dogs as the training even though Misty knew nothing (not even sit).

I found the course very informative, and quite relaxed.  During the summer break we also did an intro to agility which was good fun too.

We then did the improvers course too.

The courses are £90 I’m not sure if this is for 8 , 9 or 10 weeks,  but the good thing is that they have an indoor classroom as well as outside so they classes are never cancelled due to bad weather.

All training is reward based, no check collars allowed.

I should have a booklet somewhere at home, if you like I will dig it out and send to you next week so you can have a look through it.


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