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I agree and as for kc accredited breeders, well the less said about this scheme the better.  It is seen as a mark of quality by novices but not by the cognoscenti!

By going to a KCAB (lists available from the Kennel Club) you are assured of getting what is advertised.  KCABs have to undertaken various health screening ie HD & ED scoring, eye tests, DNA Profiling for their particular breed.  The code of ethics states that all relevent papers are handed over at the time of buying.  Each new buyer is given an information sheet issued by the KC to the KCAB breeder which, in turn the buyer completes and returns to the Kennel Club.  This is a report about the breeder stating amonst other things, whether information was handed over, if the breeder was helpful etc. etc.  If the customer is not satisfied they state that.  The breeder does not see these reports until you get an inspection from the KC.

It is easy to blame the breeders for everything but potential buyers should do their research fully before hand and check all certificates etc as proof to the breeder/advertisers claims before parting with any money.

You are buying goods and are covered under the Trade Description Act etc.

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