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My flatcoat came from a KCAB – the one with patellar luxation (problem in the breed), heart murmur (which has now gone) and hypothyroidism…. As I understand it the KC only specify certain health tests to be done, not necessarily including or making mention of suitable or appropriate results. There is very little policing of the scheme as I don’t think they have sufficient people available to do so. I have actually written them a letter asking them to clarify these points but haven’t got it sent yet owing to other things going on – but I will.  😉

I know someone from another forum who got a dog from a KCAB – hip dysplasia and patellar luxation, and the breeder didn’t want to know. My other dog’s breeder became a KCAB when the scheme started, but I have been told that she is now under investigation from the RSPCA (and yes the KC have taken KCAB status off her…). KCAB may well have been introduced to help improve the situation of poorly bred non health tested dogs – but so far imo it has not done a lot, except people believe it means they will get a quality puppy – which it does not necessarily.  >:D

Rant over.

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