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he been raised on burns (breeder gave me a bag) and fresh cooked chicken and evap milk watered down – he decided he doesnt like burns while there is fresh meat about  ::) he got minced lamb sprinkled on his burns last night but he went and knicked a pork rib off falkor – managed the softer ends so he had another 4 (ends) and then played with one of the bones until he got bored with it – then ami knicked it and he growled at her  ;D she not used to being told off by a male  ;D ;D – he just did a normal poo so it didnt upset him  🙂

he has had live yoghurt then waited 15 minutes then he got naturediet and raw oats with just a sprinkle of burns for breccy followed by goats milk – he lying in his bed now with his smileycat and his bugs bunny  🙂

and i got to go to work  🙁 and leave him  🙁

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