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thanks suz – good q – as i know i struggle putting into words the difference between re-enforcement (so it continues as a ‘game’ and then gets re-enforced and correction of a behaviour) and cue/reward of a continual behaviour… 🙂

ok – so the cue is downthebed – so he is placed and i say downthebed …reward with treat …gooddownthebed sustain and the reward is then appraisal and fuss – i release hand – he starts to creep upthebed – he replaced no fuss no appraisal and repeat the above –  this is the reward the good stuff as he at the classical conditioning stage …ok? with me? so he learns that creeping or bounding upthebed gets no reward and no re-enforcement no ooo naughty boy giggle giggle but being/going down the bed does get my appraisal ok? this am..i had to wake him in the end – and then i got back into bed and patted the covers – called him and HAS HE COMING (real important that bit) say upthebed upthebed over and over – thats the invite and his reward was ….nipping my ear and grabbing my hair  😀

have answered that already laura – maybe in the other thread

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