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😀 mo will have to move into the spare room  ;D
we have a large antique bed – it has a foot board what they do when we remove the puppy bed and just put a cot quilt across the bottm is snuggle up against it – we are both used to sleeping with our feet on an angle at the sides of the dog(s) jan (flatcoat) and polly both used to sleep on the bed and ziggy the lab would be under it – they are taught not to mess about – they only come up on invite and if they mess about sucking and licking or get hot it is ‘offthebed’ – we have all the wndows open all the time all year around and fans going in the summer – in the winter brose would wait until we asleep then snuggle under the quilt and bury in by the foot board – it the early morning feet and bib washing that drives Mo mad brose used to do 3 licks of her feet and then a lick of mine then back to hers – Mo has ‘stopsucking’ on cue – about the only cue she trains in  ;D ;D

he has the idea of kisskiss nobite if i have him up on lap or am on the floor with him – but he a launch pounce nip and run pup – beggar got me on the calf yesterday just as i was going out the door and he a toe nipper – standing at the sink preparing veg is great fun  ::) and that hard not to re-enforce because when your hands are wet and full of veg the only option for a pounce on foot bite is to squeal and dance – bit hard to stand still and cue dead on a toe that is in a mouth full of needles – am trying to get ami to sort it but he then diverts the attack on to her and she is not as tolerant of having a pup hang on ears as falkor  🙂

at 10 weeks the lift in air to go ‘tharn’ has almost gone only works 1 out of 3 times now and not at all when he being manic – so getting him that week or so late i have missed that opportunity  🙂

do you understand what that is….if not want to have a guess?

will try and get a vid today – he moves too fast for me to keep up 😀

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