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It akin to that thing (i can’t remember what it is called at the moment) that happens with human babies that they test for when born – the pretend drop and they fling out arms

and yeah – when mum picks up in mouth they do the freeze – not sure about wild canines but starts to reduce in dogs when they too heavy to pick up by the neck fold

it handy in wee pups – when they getting over excited and nippy a quick lift up – tharn – then a cuddle in with a ‘settlesettle’ cue but you have to lift correctly and smoothly – one hand under bum the other splayed across the breast so thumb and little finger in armpit – palm taking the forward weight – first and ring finger supporting the shoulder joints towards the ears leaving the middle finger to rub in the V of the chest/neck – clumbers are funny when it happens because the head fold flops forward and the face is all scrunched up

think the breeder was shocked to see me do it  🙂

Am a little bit confused… (quite easy to do  😀 )

So it isn’t picking up by the scruff of the neck?  That is something different is it?  Because you are picking them up from underneath – but ensureing you touch a specific point on their chest  ???  is that something their mothers could do  ???

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