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mums pick up by the scruff yes widget but it painful when they get out of the early stage and experienced mums know how to do correctly – they should never be picked up by us that way – mum knows when she has to stop doing it but the reflex is still in place up to about 10/12 weeks – so the way i describe is the safe way to do it to get the response in order to get a few minutes to be able cue in a chill down – he still does it when he calm or tired but if he in active mode he wriggles and gets even more active ‘putmebloodydown’  ;D 1 time out of 3 – so have now stopped doing it …. i have got enough ‘settle’ in to give me start  ;D so now it will be like the minpin video that sue took with sadie and harry

will have a look for the link  🙂

I getcha…  is another way of triggering the same reflex  🙂

You would be surprised (or maybe not!) at how many times I see people suggest (on another forum) grabbing dogs by the scruff of the neck and giving them a quick shake to tell them off.  They always say ‘cos it’s what their mum would have done’… Clearly this is not good advice  :-\

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