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the wee boyo has had a mega busy day bless him and he has coped with it all really well  🙂

he did some clicker training early this morning
then he got his collar on
then he went out in the car when i took Mo to church for the funeral – i dashed in to pay my respects and give apologies and when i came out the horse and carriage was just going past the car to turn around …boyo was up at the side window and he barked at the horses – i got in car and waited for them to come back from the turn he got up again as they approaced and before i could say anything ami thwacked him down  😀 he sat quietly and watched nice …
then i popped him into the vets so they could all meet him and he got lots of cuddles and ooos and ahhhs and sweeties
then we went to brownsover fields and he had a romp about he was pouncing on the buttercups and eating the chickweed – he was glued to my feet on and off or trundling alongside ami’s – he did 5 whistle recalls and 4 were fluent – number 3 was hesitant and for 2 of them he had to leave ami quite a way off
then we went to tesco’s to the ciggy counter so he in my arms and half the staff came to fuss him
then he had lunch in the car – something he needs to be able to do
then he had a 45 min snoozy after being totally washed by ami amidst squeals of nomorenomore but she was insistant  🙂
then we sat in a street cafe and got petted by all and sundry
then he went to a nursery/creche and met a load of 3/4 year olds
then he came home and had his first chicken wing – he stripped off the meat and crunched his way through about 1/2 of the bone and then he had end of a pork rib – he likes those  🙂

and now he is snoring his head off ……..

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