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Just wanted to add with our dog.
He died at my sisters while were on holiday to Disney the morning we were coming back.
The week before the only symptoms we had was litrally two “coughs” then nothing over the weekend, he was fine. I still cant help thinking “what if?” when we were watching for anything.
The following thurs my sister reported Hagrid not lying down for long, panting (which was hard to judge since it was hot weather and he was a hot panty dog anyway) and pacing. Which again hard for her to judge since Hagrid has always been a busy dog, checking where the kids were etc but still “Hagrid” although starting the cough again. She had called the vet who had asked some questions inc gums which Hagrids are black anyway. He went off his food the day before however this was put down to him not being at home and maybe pining?
The vet didnt seem too concerned and an appointment made for 10am the next morning. My sister says there was nothing that made her think he was going to keel over. Just that “he wasnt right”.
The next morning he was found dead on the kitchen floor.
Obviously we were in bits when we found out and the vet only made a guess that that was what had happened when we picked him up, but having read the symptoms both my sister and myself are convinced and still caught up in the “what if?”.
I will have no hesitation ever in the future should any deep chested dog in my family develops a “cough” to get them straight down the vet.
The vet we spoke to reg the earlier cough he had before we left that he had simply “rallied” before the thurs night.

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