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if you turn you speakers up you can hear her deep growling at him – he has learnt the difference between a not really and I MEAN IT …see how he does the appeasement by rolling on back waiting to see if it accepted and when it not ‘oh well will go try something else then’

have long since given up trying to cue Mo  ;D

most folk are not aware they have the asking to go out on a cue – they just accept dog goes to door must want out – if i ask him want out? he will go to door if a yes or look at me as if i am daft if a no…if he wants to go out as in i have not asked – he goes to door and squeaks or if in bed sits and squeaks and i re-enforced that by then saying wantout? so what he has done has fine tuned it ..he has moved it on…he goes to door looks at me and waits for me to say wantout? what many folk do after being in and out and dog not weeing is then think he messing me about and actually say something like – ‘you dont need an out…you taking the P’ but then for at least one of those times dog does need out and so they loose what they have gained and are back to square one…and 3 weeks down the line they posting on here saying dog has a wee cue but is still soiling in house…

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