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not at this stage but yep in the future will have to work on stuff but he a male so not so dire for ami to accept…male/femals PM’s have different roles – this real old territory for me – as in not since being a child …so having to dig out memory stuff and old learniing and i wasnt prepared for a boyo etc etc but…i was/am getting a girlie to be an up coming pack manger anyway – he a blip  ;D a big blip and a lovable blip but still a blip…hence my…couldnt wouldnt shouldnt but only live once……have always been up for a challenge  ;D – i am not competitive out in the field at all..but on a personal one with myself i am..heyho – we have we love we will sort (i am also a to be done tomorrow person)

will find a pic of mu …she is masked  🙂

what sort of stuff will you have to work on? what different roles do they have – i thought they just sorted everyone else out end of.  ;D

and how do you manage it when you get the girlie puppy and reinforce her above ami?  😮

and here’s a thought – if you want a challenge why don’t you get a bracco puppy too.  ;D ;D ;D

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