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i have to work on…at the moment and near future …not making ami feel vunerable or pushed out and to get him to accept ami’s status without too much of a challenge and as you see from the vid that fine at the moment – he accepting that and she not bothered he has quality bevmum space

and …to say what i have said many many many times …a good pack manager is not aggressive is not a sorter by using agression …they cannot aford to be injured or put at risk…they the pack survivalists…a good pack manager is a problem solver, a diffuser, assertive but not a bully, a manager in the highest sense but…will get tough if need be when push comes to shove …brose was a perfect pack manager – gave the 3 warnings of varying intensisty, pushed to go further she would but it all cued , had the bite no bite fully cued, had the conversation sequences that happen between dogs on cue, used her own head to sort if need …ami does not have all that ..only about 70% and she thinks too much for herself at times because i did not have her at the classical conditioning stage but she does good and is my clown …she keeps me going  🙂

the roles of the boys versus girls…mm tell you what…you say what you think is the difference and why  😉

by the time any girlie pup is pre season ami will be alomost 7 – by then assuming girlie pup has been accepted into pack  – then i will re-enforce her in the normal way ..just as i would have done with ami over brose once i had retired brose (had she lived) as i had to to do with brose over hollie when i retired her …and jan over…and polly over..and et al a pack survival broke down on me because brose wouldnt mentally but ami was physically able to challenge…

a bracco mmm – that not just mind …that mind and body..and the body is almost knackered  ;D

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