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heabadbadboyhebitmomumonthechinandmadeitbleedithinkheneedstogohomenow  >:D amilou

he woke up and i did ‘upthebed’ and he pounced on Mo who was still asleep  ;D and he got a real good nip in

he eating well, yesterday he had his breccy as posted, then he had boiled chicken and rice and grated carrot followed by mange tout and narnie for lunch, had more pork rib ends – he likes those and ami knows that he only eats the ends so she lies waiting for him to finish what he can manage and then gets to have the rest, he got through the little wing bit on his chicken wing and then it was thrown pounced on and killed – again and again and again  😀 until he threw it too close to falkor who wolfed it down and then he carried on looking for it  ;D and then he had yougurt and honey for supper with pumpkin seeds in ( to worm him though havnt seen any worms ) he hasnt had any tum upset at all – poo’s all normal – he off to see Hugh at the animal house this morning for a joint measure and general puppy check  🙂 and he now very fluent at opening the gate  ;D

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