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First time I met Val she was not was I was expecting  nice surprise it was too, was expecting a smallish woman grey straight hair, bit like a Beardie actually  :

Noooo, that is noooot how Val looks in my head. Fiery redhead, well groomed, royal like, stubborn, not to be messed around with, taller than average, well build, classy, expressive persona… that describes her in my head well i think  😉
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That is exactly how I imagine Val  😮

Couldnt be more wrong, she was very trendy  she had a bluetooth thingy in her ear, posh nails and was very smartly dressed, overall 10/10  😉 :-* 😀 😀
Thàt is how i picture Val.

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I want to see pics  ;D come on Val  :-*
Same here  ;D .

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ahh that’s why  😉 great pic – nice to put a face to the name  :-*

The hair has grown since then.  😀

yeah, nice to put a face to the name. Thought you were younger than me. Don’t ask why, got no reason. Just thought so.  😉

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