Re: charging a clicker


the dog needs to first understand that that click and treat are associated – that the click means a treat is on the way – think about this nick
clicker training is very finely tuned – what you get is what you click for – if you called the dog’s name and she looked at you and that involved a head turn for example – then you are clicking for her looking at you turning the head – so is she being rewarded for the look or the head turn – i have seen and had to repair this – every time owner said dogs name dog turned head to his left – even when in the heel position or lying down – it is not a cue – it is a marker
so we charge a new dog by just getting that initial association – the amount of times it has to be done and the number of treats varies from dog to dog – cubert took about 30 mixed from on the floor and my hand – there is no time gap – the treats are there on the floor or on the hand and the click is repeated until they eaten

one of the things that really does my head in is when out – dog is snouting off somewhere and some idiot is standing clicking on the basis the dog will come back for a treat  >:D

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