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ok, we’re rollin’ again  8)

Tracey, love Pippin and Rusty…can you make the pics bigger?  :-*

DawnG, kizzie is a dream, that face is so happily intense  :-*

Doooood!, great pic of both of your monsters together  :-*

Alison, we’re gonna need more pics than that! What am I looking at in that first pic?  :-*

Damian, I have no idea which one I like the best but the snow ones definitely stand out  :-*

Val, 2 more beauties  :-*

sony, we definitely need more of the handsome Rio  :-*

xtine, love the snowbeard!  :-*

Angela, Toby is so unbelievably cute I can barely stand it! Love the cheeky little butt!  😀  :-*

Lassie, the eyes shut pic is priceless  ;D  :-*

still lots more pups to be posted people!