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We have got the radio on, I’m on here and Toby in the sitting room in his best spot, not a peep all night [touch wood!]

Haven’t got a dap diffuser, was looking into it for when he had those few weeks when he started shaking but that has stopped now.  Mind you Bev, you said it would take ages for him to settle in, my wee rescue doggy, he’s noticably coming on leaps and bounds now, we about 7 months on, much more confident, getting better with strangers, wants to be with us rather than hiding around the place.  Would you recommend the diffuser?

On a seperate note – Alex came home last night, I’m hunting out mice, ghosts, listening for strange sounds from upstairs or neighbour, he knew I’d started on with my stress at work, think he thought I’d had some kind of episode and gone crackers!