Re: how to deal with seperation anxiety


Hi i am in need of some desparate advice, my husbands work friend has a 3 year old Westie and a 1 year old schnauzer. She’s looking for a loveing home for her dogs because she’s had a fall out with a neighbour whose making numerous complaints about the dogs barking all day. Hubby’s work pal doesn’t believe they are barking but who knows.
Anyway yesterday we brought the miniature schnauzer home because they’ve found a home for the Westie. Well obviously she was very timid and very whiney but eventually she settled. We have 2 children 5 and 1 and they both took to her straight away and she seemed to like them, the family she comes from had a 6 year old boy so that doesn’t bother me. But come bed time the problems began. We put her in the kitchen which is where she used to sleep at home with the westie but she was constantly whineing and barking, so what we did was gave the run of the whole downstairs, that seem to do the trick for a short while. We went to bed and she was pacing around and whineing for a short while but think she was that tired she eventually fell asleep, but come 4 she was whineing and barking and my hubby ended up downstairs on settee with her (Peppa), this morning i had to drop my lad off at school and she was barking when i left and i believe she was barking til i got back 20 mins later.
I have now been informed today that in fact Peppa did in fact sleep upstairs on the owners mums bed!! Not what we were told. Now i fully understand that she will be missing her home and owners but more importantly her westie buddy. Do you think we have bitten off more than we can chew so to speak? With her being a 1 year old is it too late to try and get her trained to sleep downstairs prefferably in the kitchen and to feel safe when we’re away from the house and not cry and bark all day long? I know i’m asking alot but don’t know who i can ask. Perhaps it might be better to talk to you on phone i don’t know. She seems such a lovely dog but just got over sleepless nights with my 1 year old!
She is fed on  biscuits and fresh cooked chicken breast shredded up, she’s not been walked much from what i can gather because hubby’s work friend said she’s lazy, more a case of she’s been made to be lazy. Any help or advive would be grand. Thank-you in advance.

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