Re: how to deal with seperation anxiety


hi and welcome – thanks for posting this on the board

it far far too soon to worry – it can takes weeks if not months at times for a rescue to settle – it a huge change but you musnt re-enforce it by sleeping downstairs with her etc

set up a night time routine – tele off – bedtime in a minute then – her you go – nice bed – have a biccy – nite nite – make sure she has a full tum and has emptied bladder and bowels – has a snuggle toy and is all cosy and then leave

if that doesnt work then start her off in your room – if you dont want on the bed then put her basket in there and gradually move it to the downstairs as she finds her feet

1 year old is no age at all – have taken them in as old as 11 – they settle eventually just have to have time to adjust to the new home etc

chicken and biscuits is not enough nutrients for a young dog – have a look around the board re feeding – it one of the most discussed topics

start in the stickies
feeding bev on a rant – type natural feeding, barf, bones etc in the search engine

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